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A review of The Positives and negatives Of Self Publishing

There are writers who prefer not to take their written material to a publisher. Since they already have made a decision to do it by themselves. Either of these two options, both have some negative and positive sides. We will discuss here further what exactly are those.


People contemplate this first, the charges. This is their very first concern when deciding for self-publication. Since you are the boss, no one can dictate simply how much you should price every copy. In some ways this is not a good thing as you don’t have as much as experience as a publishing house, meaning that the price you set may not be reasonable to you or the buyer, but if you wish to maintain a sense of control, this is possibly best.


Probably this is where self publishing is a challenge among writers. The works of the writers are check by editors just before publishers make the written piece is published. You may think you can perform a much better job of checking out your own works but sometimes we tend to ignore minor problems. Although you are a proficient writer already, you will be wrongly judged as an amateur in case your readers can notice these mistakes.


The very reason why an author writes is to earn income. You should get paid because you shared too much for it. From the overall sales of your books, you will get a share of 6-25% in case you are working with a traditional publisher. The bulk of works for this publication may be too much on your end as compared to the share you will get. This what varies to self-publishing in which the share is all yours. The downside to this, nevertheless, is you need to pay for the possible expenses required for the publication.


As the publishing company has all the control over the promotion of your works, you may not be able to help promote your book. Due to this, you will not be able to sell as numerous copies as you would like. Your previous understanding, as stated above, the publisher is earning much out of the works you performed but contrary to that, the publisher is actually helping you reach your goal of earning much compared to doing it all alone.

Itís really tough task to choose whether to request a publisher or self-publish. At some point, you might think that by working all on your own you are the boss but looking on the other side, itís an excellent feeling also to have a group of helpers working with you. Thinking about all of the aspects laid out, choose which way to take that you think can benefit you better.

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